für katholisch-universelle Bildungstreffen mit JUNGEN LEUTEN






1)  for young people


  • Monthly meetings (on the 3th Sunday of each month)
  • Prayer of the continents
  • Personal appointments

  • Advent
  • Easter
  • Summer

      a weekend, a week, ...

  • German courses
  • Solidarity projects
  • Experiences of sharing life with migrants and refugees
  • Internships on migration


2)  for young people, families whith children and adults,

      who would like to contribute to a more welcoming world for all

The Yearly International Feasts/Meetings



  • Scalabrini Spring meeting (IBZ Scalabrini, Solothurn, Switzerland)
  • Scalabrini Autumn meeting   (CdS, Stuttgart, Germany)

3)  for groups from parishes, associations, schools, and universitites

  • Thematic input 
  • Life testimonies
  • Concerts with the Scalabrini-Band ...   

      in the Center or on the road.

  •  Days with Confirmation groups: 

e.g. from 10 am to 4.30 pm:getting to know each other, looking at the world of refugees in our city, having lunch together, visiting refugees in hostels for refugee, finishing off in the chapel of the center…

This journey of formation intends, to support the training programs already taking place in the various local churches, placing itself at the service of the growth of Catholicity -a constitutive dimension of the Church- so that the universal love of God can shine through in welcoming people of all cultures and backgrounds.


ON THE ROAD with other young people...

The SEARCH for FAITH is enriched by prayer and listening to the Word of God, by sharing thoughts with others, and by confronting oneself with the challenges of our pluralistic societies.

The meetings are characterized by these three specific notes:

  • INTERNATIONALITY - becomes an occasion to discover and live new ways of dialogue and acceptance of the other in his/her diversity.

  • ENCOUNTERS with MIGRANTS and REFUGEES - widen our horizon
    and invite us to overcome many barriers inside and outside ourselves

  • SHARING OF GOODS - Inspired by the witness of the early Christians, during the meetings we live the communion of life through the sharing of material and spiritual goods.

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